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About Us

Learn about the Soka Tribe story, classes and team

About Soka Tribe

Soka Tribe is a cultural exploration brand specializing in dance fitness that brings the spirit of Caribbean carnival to you! Soka Tribe is an experience, immersing members and attendees in Caribbean culture and the global carnival community through a variety of ways: our workout, social events, organized trips to carnival, and performances.

About Soka Tribe Class

The Soka Tribe 60-minute workout is grounded in movements that inspire, unify, and thrill! Soka Tribe class is inclusive, welcoming, and appropriate for all ages – participants as young as seven and as seasoned as 75 have enjoyed the vibes. Taking Soka Tribe class over time supports weight loss, muscle toning, increased stamina, improved balance, and an insatiable craving for soca music. The high-cardio movements blend HIIT techniques with sounds and dances from across the African diaspora. Though Soka Tribe includes high-impact moves, they can be modified to suit a range of ability levels. Fitness wristband users can expect roughly 6,000 steps per class, making Soka Tribe your secret weapon against any competitors!

Launched in 2015 in Washington, D.C., Soka Tribe has hit cities from coast to coast, including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, plus Barbados, Cuba, Jamaica, and Trinidad.

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About Sokanista

Shermica “Sokanista” Farquhar founded Soka Tribe to reconnect with her culture and share it with others. A self-described “carnival junkie,” the Brooklyn-born Trinidadian has played mas all over the world, beginning with her hometown and the mas band her family ran for over a decade.

Sokanista keeps class dynamic and lively with boundless stamina and contagious enthusiasm that helps participants forget the intensity, and melt into the music. She hopes to take a whine with you soon!

About The Soka Tribe Chiefs

Jazelle Hunt is a New Jersey-raised Trinidadian, Washington D.C. transplant, and proud Howard University alumna. Jazelle joined Soka Tribe in its first year and became a Soka Tribe Chief in Summer 2017. When Jazelle isn't leading class and showcasing her noteworthy whine, she's writing! 

Jazelle has more than 10 years of published experience on a range of topics, with major focus on health and wellness, education, environmental racism, and Black women's issues. She recently expanded her writing portfolio to include grant writing to help individuals and non-profits make dreams come true!


My Soka Tribe vibe is everlasting! It is reveling in my culture and making my own joy, 'cause if ah doh use it, I feel ah could lose it!

Kwabena Safo-Ageykum is a Brooklyn-born Ghanaian who joined the Soka Tribe Movement as the NYC Rehearsal Director in January 2016. As an active performer for Soka Tribe on the Road, and class lead for Soka NYC, Kwabena brings his Ghanaian heritage and modern contemporary dance training to the Soka Tribe mix.

He is also the founder of Kwabs Dance Company, based in NYC and focused on creating customized dance experiences for clients!

My Soka Tribe vibe is lit all the time. Whether on the road, on the stage or in class, my vibe is fueled by Ghanaian jollof rice. 

Jennifer Thomas is an NYC-born, Miami-raised Haitian who has been dancing all her life and stumbled upon Soka Tribe in 2016. Since then, she has become a DC Soka Tribe Chief, bringing blasts of energy and her signature "whee!" to every class! 

If Jenn's not on a dance floor you can find her suited and booted, helping her clients get their financial investments in order.

My Soka Tribe is living out loud and sharing the love of my Caribbean heritage through dance. It's the feeling of freedom when I'm with others who aren't afraid of a little whine.