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Because Leg Day Is A Must

Posted by admin 11/30/-0001 0 Comment(s)

Ms. findyourdopeness powers through some leg exercises to get you summer ready!
Summer 17 is around the corner!! It’s not too late to start working towards your goals. So set your timer for 20 or 30 mins, fill up your water bottle, & LET’S HITT IT!
no gym, no equipment, no excuses! you can do this workout in the comfort of your own home, at the park, or at the gym.
• 30 secs lunge switch, twist (had these lil 5lbs socdecided to incorporate them)
• 1 min push-back push-ups
• 45 secs (ea) side plank, raise & tuck (modify with lower knee bent & use knee to help hold weight)
30 sec rest
• 30 sec V-ups
• 1 min super mans
1 min rest
repeat as many rounds as possible within your chosen time, resting only when instructed to do so. have fun, feel good, #findyourdopeness!

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