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Soka Tribe featured on Rock Your Block

Posted by admin 12/20/2016 0 Comment(s)
Soka Tribe had it’s first TV interview on?Rock Your Block, a television show that sheds light on the importance of community heroes and heroines. During the interview, Shermica discussed how Soka Tribe began, how it has evolved, and where the brand is headed next. She also talks personal development and provides some very interesting?tips on how to put your best foot forward.
Soka Tribe on Rock Your Block
Sokanista tells us what others are saying about Soka Tribe.
Soka Tribe on Rock Your Block: Where it All Began
Sokanista tells us how Soka Tribe began, and provides tips for finding your entrepreneurial path.
Soka Tribe Studio Practice
Sokanista and Ms. findyourdopeness were rehearsing for the the Soka Tribe Performance group, and asked class members to show what it’s like inside a Soka Tribe fitness class.


See the full Rock Your Block?interview here.

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