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Whining Criminals...or not?

Posted by admin 01/20/2018 1 Comment(s)

As a person who has been a carnival participant "since ah small" and planning to keep going "til we old and grey". I wonder how this new legislation to regulate dancing will be received and enforced. In the carnival culture the notion of "t'ief a whine" on anybody has often been one of the distinguishing factors. When carnival newbies describe their experience, it was often one of the top things they thought was surreal. At carnival, this idea that engaging with all masqueraders in such a  physically close space, sharing a vibe, whining on one another, regardless of familiarity was a complete shocker. "Everyone is just having fun, "its just a whine" it doesn't need to be anything else," they'd say.


Nonetheless, we are all very conscious at times it can be. This new law brings that to the forefront. 

What if both parties are not consenting? Who decides when the whine's gone too far? While Trinidadian comedian Keevo, makes light of the signals. It's unfortunate many are still clueless sober, let alone adding all of the alcohol to the mix. What I am confident is that change doesn't happen over night, and while at its core this legislation has good intent, without a strong plan around enforcement and culture change tactics it may end up in the jaywalking category. I know they exist, however, I have never gotten a ticket for jaywalking.


Watch the video or the Public Information Officer ASP Micheal Jackson's notes to carnival attendees here



What do you think? Will people give up on t'iefing a whine for 2018? 


1 Comment(s)

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