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2019 Year In Review

2019 was a year to remember for Soka Tribe. We tried more new things than ever before and so happy we did because the lessons were priceless. We were able to connect with more artists and institutions to truly think about how we can continue to push the Soka Tribe mission!

  1. ClassPass Top Studio Rating

  2. Welcomed our first Convoy Manager

  3. Brought Carnival vibes to the International Mental Health and Disability Conference

  4. Plus. . .

• Our First Official Soka Tribe Trinidad Carnival Trip

• Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Fundraiser

• Performance at the Trinidad Embassy for Passport DC

• Our 3rd EPIC DC Funk Parade

• Mayor Muriel Bowser’s Immigrant Heritage Month Celebration

• Kennedy REACH Center Grand Opening Parade & Celebration 

• 3rd Annual StepFest with StepAfrika

• Featured on the Stereo Bros podcast

• Double Trouble w/ ILLY’s Dance Clash | Afrobeat w/ Motema | SOKA TRIBE WORKOUT @ HOME W/ GRPFIT APP | Last Lap w/ Soca Warrior Jay


• Pan & Whine Community Class w/Jozanne Francis, Steel on Wheels 

• Student Mas Camp & performance @ American University Culture Day

• Mayor Bowser & MACCCA Caribbean Heritage Month Launch Event

• Healthy fun at the USDA Food Fresh Farmer’s Market

• Sworn in as Commissioner Sokanista, Appointee of the Mayor’s Advisory Commission on Caribbean Community Affairs!

• Return to the Reason Part 2 brought Carnival & afrosoca to Accra, Ghana!

That’s a Wrap!!

We concluded our 2019 Soka Tribe Classes with a double hitter week!

Last Thursday we held our Holiday Whine & Wine, sponsored by Gym Ready Lips. Attendees not only sipped wine between waistline wukkups, they also tested the wide variety of lippies in the Gym Ready Lips Product line! Two lucky winners took home a massage and lip products.

Our 2019 Last Lap was a true celebration of life with two awesome birthday ladies and their crews! It was a great way to wukkup one last time before our Holiday Break.

Classes will resume Saturday Schedule on Jan 4 12:30 at Off Road!!

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