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3 Things to Keep You on Track During the Holidays

1. PRIORITIZE: Make a commitment to WHEN you are going to work out and check it twice. When that fun holiday outing comes up, no need to skip the momentous occasion, but you can decide when you WILL work out rather than figure it out later. Perhaps you go late to the event, or wake up a bit earlier to work out. The first step to staying on track is making a track ;). A simple date/time window/activity list works well. Then you can play “jenga” with your schedule and fit workouts in when the fun things come up. If you don’t have time for a full workout, check out the express workout below.

2. BALANCE: It is not about all or nothing, one cheat meal is not a season pass to the unhealthy games. Determine your goals and adjust accordingly. Don’t spend time lamenting over what you have done poorly, think about what good behaviors you can create to counteract them. Forgive yourself and move on!

3. RELAX: We often spend our holiday trying to get things in order for family, friends, and the new year to come; but we spend little of it giving ourselves mental downtime. Don’t forget to set some down time aside to relax and do absolutely nothing!

Tis’ the Season for sharing, it’s great to do all of this with a buddy. (1) Tell them what your plan is and hold each other accountable! (2) Set up a reward system for keeping the plan and making it through the holidays. (3) Give them permission to call you out and you do the same!

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