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A few days until Costumes Come out!

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Over the next few weeks the large bands (organizations that make costumes for carnival) will hold fashion show parties. These parties are called band launches. These highly anticipated events are where the world gets to see what the designers themes and costumes look like for the upcoming carnival.

Many of you may be wondering, WHY ARE WE PLANNING SO EARLY?! Well the long and short of it is…Each band has a limited amount of spaces and we want to ensure everyone in our crew gets their top choice costume! Our 2020 Band Carnival Tribe will have their band launch showcasing their  Legends of the Far East on July 20!

SInce we can’t be in Trinidad for it we’ll be glued to our screens as the models strut their stuff and imagining the road for next year!!

We just might have to have a live watch party to see the reactions- :).

That’s all for now…let us know if you have any questions!!

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