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A Healthy Look into Soka Tribe

A Healthy Look into Soka Tribe

Making a commitment to going to the gym on a regular basis can be a daunting. There isn?t much appealing about going into a crowded building filled with intimidatingly fit people. On the other hand, it takes very little effort to want to dance. Dance has been a form of self expression since the beginning of time. Dance fitness that removes the boring element from exercising, and replaces it fun and excitement. Soka Tribe infuses dance with HIIT techniques to provide many of the same health benefits of doing traditional exercises like walking, running, and weightlifting.

The Soka Tribe routine has approximately 6000 steps per class-roughly walking three miles. This doesn?t account for the added benefit of an increased heart rate. The average heart heart beats 70 times per minutes. Cardio exercise that increases the heartbeat to 140 beats per results in 85% of the calories burned being from fat. So not only does it help you burning calories, but your are burning away the unwanted fat that?s stored in all the wrong places.

During the Soka Tribe class dance participants are guided through a full range of motion. This awakens all of the muscles and joints in your body so longterm you are less likely to feel aches and pains associated with stiffness.

Studies have also found that dance fitness is therapeutic because it increases serotonin levels. High serotonin levels are responsible for improving mood, and decreasing stress.

What extra incentive do you need to join us at the next Soka Tribe class? Check out our schedule and purchase tickets here.

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