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A Review of Culture Unmuted: A One Act Play

I recently had the opportunity to attend the play Culture Unmuted and I have to say, “WOW! What a show!”  The play delved into some very real issues that are affecting our society today, particularly in the city of Washington, DC. As you may know, DC was once known as Chocolate City, a term that celebrated the city’s rich African Diaspora cultural traditions.

Culture Unmuted does an excellent job of exploring the issue of gentrification from all perspectives.  The play takes place around the audience, which makes for a truly immersive experience, and because they didn’t shy away from tackling some very difficult conversations head on, you feel like you are right in the middle of the action, which makes the play all the more powerful.

After the play, there was an informative Q&A session with the cast, playwright, and playmaker. This was a great opportunity to learn more about the inspiration behind the play and to ask questions about some of the issues that were addressed in the play.

Overall, I highly recommend seeing Culture Unmuted if you get the chance because it’s a powerful reminder of the importance of preserving our cultural traditions and fighting for social justice.

Well done to the Writers and Actors for putting on a thought and conversation-provoking show!

Shermica Farquhar (Playmaker) and Marjuan Canady (Playwrite)

Cast from Left to right: Brandon J. Johnson, Judy-Kay Wickham, Trehana Mary, Teresa Majerowicz, Raymond Watson II

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