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At The Source in the Middle of Change

These historic times have given us an incredible opportunity to show what Carnival is all about! The love of Carnival created Soka Tribe and carried us to amazing heights — and as the festivities have changed, we’ve been digging deep to keep the devotion going.

Today, we proudly introduce our exclusive interview series, Soka Tribe Presents: At The Source!

With Sokanista temporarily residing in Trinidad at the source, we gain unprecedented access to the soca artistes, mas-makers, scholars, influencers, and local entrepreneurs who keep Carnival culture alive and push it forward. 

Our inaugural episode, Soka Tribe Presents: At The Source with Farmer Nappy, is on the way! (UPDATE: See the full episode here!) The groovy-soca legend had much to share with us about the business of soca, collaborating with other artistes and building on the artform, the love of carnival, and so much more. Here’s a sneak preview:

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At The Source gives Soka Tribe and the global Carnival community a new, thoughtful way to connect with the culture, its traditions, and our history. It reminds us that storytelling, ingenuity, and creativity are the true spirit of carnival. 

This isn’t the first time that spirit has been tested — this is actually Trinbago’s third Carnival interruption. The festivities began in the twin island republic in the late 1800s and continued all the way up to World War II, which stopped de carnival from 1943-45. Then, in 1972, there was a polio outbreak that postponed the celebration until May of that year. Yet here we still are, generations later in our feathers, gems, paint, oil, mud glory.

As Soka Tribe continues to build At The Source, we hope one thing is clear: Carnival iz we. It is our selves, our souls, our collective energy that breathes life into this display of joy and freedom and makes it meaningful. 

Stay tuned to for full episodes, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see our special guests!

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