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Bienvenido A Cuba con Carnival Live TV

We are going to Cuba!! Soka Tribe will be performing for the Cuban government during the 37th Annual Fire Festival. On Sunday, July 2 ?Soka Tribe will be getting on the road with Carnival Live TV for 5 unforgettable days in Cuba- and you can come too!

The mission of the Fire Festival is to emphasize African and Caribbean heritage through parades, art exhibitions, jam sessions, street parties, and cultural seminars.

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  2. Our itinerary

  3. Payment schedule?

  4. $305 Deposit Deadline?is January 2, 2017. (Deposits can be paid via Quickpay or PayPal to? Please utilize the family/friends option to avoid fees.)

  5. We will be playing mas in the beautiful costume by Asheek Designs (OPTIONAL)

If you have any questions feel free to send an email to?

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