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Carnavale en France

Have you ever experience a carnival by night? If not, consider- Toulouse, which is also called the pink city. Their  carnival goes starts  at 7.30pm and last until midnight!!! WhhhhhaaaaattT?!- was my reaction!

Let’s take a step back, where is Toulouse? Toulouse is a city in  Southern France!  Looks like a good time to experience the French wine and a French whine too! Maybe a combo!

When is it?

In 2018, it’s about to go down in April to be more precise on the 7th.

So far, there is one band with 100% Soca in the whole France called ExMyF which stands for EXcuse MY French. ( We can verify their team has rubber waists 😉

You can check out their “Ice Breaker”  costumes section.

It’s exciting to see our friends over seas making Soca a worldwide ting!

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