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Carnival Conversations: Wenisha Jones

Wenisha “Wenny” Jones drops all the wisdom in our first “Carnival Conversations” feature!

What country do you represent and where are you based?

I represent Guyana and I’m based in Washington, DC.

What you know about this Soka Tribe life? 😉 (i.e. what is your affiliation, how long, how did it start)

Soca Dance Class and we meet through mutual friends

What brought you to this particular carnival?

My good friend lives in Canada and invited me to Caribana.

Have you played mas before?  When and where? 

Yes! Trinidad, Barbados, Jamaica, and Miami! I’m  [a] carnival veteran!

What carnivals would you rinse and repeat?


What do you wish you knew about this carnival before going?

Pack carnival boots and fishnets! I only had sneakers and I had to buy fishnets when I got there.

What would you say makes this carnival different from others?

Caribana was pure vibes this year! It was my first Caribana playing mas and I truly enjoyed it. I was totally impressed with the Carnival Nationz band. It’s a big band with gorgeous costumes and vibes. I played mas in the Kes Savannah Grass green section. The access of the carnival was great, Caribana festival road location was great in downtown Toronto, Canada. There was a judging point for masqueraders to cross the stage with the band similar to Trinidad. The band provided water, breakfast , lunch, and ice cream on the road as well.

Toronto is a beautiful city full of amazing views, nice people, and great parties! I really enjoyed boat and pool parties as well. I had a great time with my good friends liming and chipping down the road!!

Soca Artist that you would want to fete with?

Kes! I love him!

Anything else the Soka Tribe should know about you?

I have [a] Travel Business called “Lime Vibe Travel”! I am a Travel Agent and Travel Blogger!

My social media handle is?

IG: @wennpooh @lime_vibe_travel

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