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Congrats to Commissioner Farquhar

Congratulations are in order to our founder Shermica Farquhar!

On Nov 19, 2019, Shermica was sworn in as a commissioner for the  the Mayor’s Advisory Commission on Caribbean Community Affairs (MACCCA).

MACCCA serves as the advisory board for the mayor that focuses on strengthening the Caribbean-American community through targeting aspects of education, social, and cultural life.  n this board, Shermica hopes to use her skills in organization design, marketing and communication to help the commission increaase engagement and broader outreach to members of our community with relevant and valuable programming. She aspires to help make a “home” for our Caribbean Community in DC do its memebers can feel suported and continue to thrive. Of course Commissioner Farquhar, still considers carnival a home for all so we are excited to see what’s next!

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