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Convoy Conversations: Cynthia Gutierrez

What brought you to Soka Tribe and the Soka Tribe convoy?  

I found Soka Tribe through Class pass.  I was looking specifically for dance fitness classes.  The class was conveniently down the street from my house! I read through  all the fabulous reviews and booked my class.  Being a newbie in any class can be intimidating  but from the moment I walked in to 905 U st. everyone was so welcoming.  The vibe was great, the class was very diverse ( which. sadly, is something you don’t see too often in DC fitness classes)and  Chief Jazelle was killing it with her dance moves!    I loved my experience so much that I felt brave enough to try out for the convoy the following week! When I told my mom about it, she was like ” oh yeah, I used to dance Soca… you should do it!” Fast forward to a week before the DC Funk Parade, I’m not the best with choreographed dancing haha but I have definitely enjoyed this journey and met some amazing people along the way!

What has your experience been like thus far as a member of the convoy?

Absolutely amazing!  What makes  the convoy so great is how embracing and diverse it is.  Leadership  sets the  vibe of the convoy and I must say that Shermica and the chiefs do an excellent job of making the time spent together very fun!

 Have you played mas before?  When and where? 

I have not 🙁

Where would you like to play mas since you haven’t had the experience?

Since i have never played mas it would be very nice to experience it. If and when this happens I’d definitely  want to go with  Soka Tribe.

Can you tell us what you are most looking forward to as a member of Soka Tribe and the convoy?

I look forward to  meeting new people, adding on to my Soca  music playlist,  and  joining in on more performances, classes and group adventures 🙂

Anything else the Soka Tribe should know about you?

I am a native Washingtonian. I’ve been  a nurse for the past 8 years and starting in Fall 2019 I will be moving to Grenada to start Medical school! It would be really nice to have a group of people to go to experience Grenadian carnival with and or learn more about the country and its culture.

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