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Convoy Conversations: Soka Tribe’s Team Manager Saahir Brewington Recaps Her Journey

In this edition of Convoy Conversations, Soka Tribe Convoy Team Manager Saahir Brewington goes in depth about her journey from class member to convoy veteran.

What brought you to Soka Tribe and the Soka Tribe convoy?

Class with Damali Rhett 4 years ago, brought me to Soka Tribe. I stayed because the vibe of the group is amazing. Friends who are about their business and great to have fun with too. I choose to be a part of the convoy to get deeper into the culture and performing aspects of the group. Convoy members are full-on professionals willing to work hard and support each other. These people are fun and exciting.

What has your experience been like thus far as a member of the convoy?

The convoy is fun and hard work. As a person who loves to dance and had been out of professional dance for a long time, it was hard to get back in the routine. I loved the challenge of being stage ready and wanting to ensure the group looks go, so I have to look good. I like that Soka Tribe is an entrepreneurial business, it allows for everyone to pitch in. There is something very special about knowing the work that you do really is touching someone directly. I also love how much Soka Tribe works in the communities of DC. It makes the experience that much more rewarding to be in my city and a part of my city. I like being a part of such a great group of people. The people of Soka Tribe Convoy are thoughtful, kind, hard working and FUN. As an adult is it great to meet these type of people create a community.

Have you played mas before? When and where?

I have played mas, I have has the pleasure of jumping twice for Crop Over (2017 and 2018) being on the Road in Jamaica (2018) Carnival and year I played mas in Trinidad with Soka Tribe and Carnival Rouge (2019).

If you’ve played mas before, where would you play again?

I am open to going back to Barbados again for Crop Over, definitely going back to Trinidad. I would love to go to Grenada. If there is a beach, I am interested in going.

Can you tell us what you are most looking forward to as a member of Soka Tribe and the convoy?

I am looking forward to the performances and the connections. I like having something physical to do that also releases creativity.

Anything else the Soka Tribe should know about you?

Soka Tribe has helped me realize how good I look in red : )

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