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Dispelling Common Fitness Myths

A lot of people have their own opinions about what is best for you when it come to fitness practices. However not all advice is good for you. Here are some common fitness myths that get passed around that aren’t the best for you in your fitness journey:

  1. “No pain, No Gain” experiencing pain while working out an man there is a serious injury, don’t overlook it

  2. “Exercise on an empty stomach” Your body needs food to fuel it through your workout

  3. “Just walk it off” Again, it’s very important to take your injuries seriously. Walking it off won’t heal your injury.

  4. “Avoid Cardio if you’re trying to build muscle” Cardio can lead to improved performance, body composition and recovery time from muscle soreness.

  5. “Do a certain number of reps to achieve this” a goal that you want to achieve is basded on many things like age, sex, intensity, reps, food intake, frequency of the exercise and a few others to name a few.

  6. “Work out hard every single day” Yes, daily movement is important, but your body does need a rest from intense workouts. Working out without ceasing can cause other problems like hormonal imbalances, less results and stress.

  7. “Do static stretches before every workout” Sports and exercise scientist Eamonn Leaver says, “However, here is a strong body of scientific evidence showing that not only does static not prevent injuries, it can impair your performance,” Try doing dynamic stretches or light cardio to warm up

  8. “Don’t do squats because they are bad for your knees” Squats can be personalized to your body, imporper form when squatting can lead to knee issues. The best way to ensure that you are doing them properly would be to talk to a professional about what squatting pattern is best for your body and movement pattern.

  9. “Avoid lifting weights if you don’t want to bulk up” strength training is important for women seeing that we don’t have the same amount of testosterone as men do.

  10. “Do sit-ups for a 6 pack” If there is a layer of fat on top of your abdominal muscles then you’ll need to do whole body exercises that burn calories to get rid of the fat.


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