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Holiday season and #DoARollDecember are in full effect! It’s very easy to get stagnant with the cold weather, lets move together- share your latest moves with us! If you haven?t participated yet, there is still time to submit your video for a chance to win a $50 Amex gift card!!!

Rules to Enter: 1. Post your roll to Instagram or Facebook: Roll your body, waist, wrists, hips, necks…eye rolls don’t count, positive rolls only! 2.Use the Hashtag: #Sokatribe #DoARollDecember #Sokanista 3.Tag and Follow: @Sokanista (IG) Soka Tribe by Sokanista (Facebook). 4.Tell your friends to like the post on @Sokanista (IG) or in our Facebook group. The most liked video will WIN a $50 AMEX gift card! 5. In seasonal spirit share, share, share … Tag a friend who keeps it moving all year!

ot really sure what you should do? Watch how Sokanista rolls here, or watch some of last year?s most memorable submissions, here, here, and here! Coach Cass also gave some great tips on how to roll in our last newsletter, which you can read here.

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