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Foods That Boost Your Metabolism

Spring is officially here, and it?s time to get summer time fine! If you haven?t started yet, there is still time to get it together.

We all aren?t gifted with a lightning fast metabolism. So here?are a few foods that will help you detox and boost your metabolism; getting you ready for the beach in no time!

Green Tea: Contains antioxidant catechin which encourages your body to utilize and eliminate fat cells.

Spices: Cayenne peppers contains micronutrients that help stimulate cellular metabolism. In addition, cayenne as well as garlic, turmeric, nutmeg, and coriander are known to regulate blood sugar and activate your body?s natural detoxification enzymes.

Lean Protein: Contains amino acids which are vital for maintaining muscle mass.

Leafy Veggies: Dark green leafy veggies such as spinach,?turnips and collards contain B vitamins and folate. They help your cells release energy from the excess carbs, protein, and fat that are?hindering your waistline.


Source: NCIB and

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