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Holiday Do a Roll December

There are 11 more days to participate in #DoARollDecember!

In Trinidad ,for the holidays we?”parang“?or?go house to house to hangout listening?to?parang?music. If you can imagine the caroling tradition with “Holiday” Soca,?food, and?liquor pit stops-you’ve got it!?If?you want to try,?here’s your starter kit?parang from my favorite DJ.

So while you are Parangin’ get that phone and #DoARollDecemeber Rules of the Roll: 1. Post your roll to Instagram or Facebook:?Roll your body, waist, wrists, hips, necks…eye rolls don’t count, positive rolls only! 2.Use the Hashtag: #Sokatribe #DoARollDecember #Sokanista? 3.Tag and Follow: ?@Sokanista (IG) Soka Tribe by Sokanista (Facebook). 4.Tell your friends to like the post on @Sokanista (IG) or in our Facebook group to WIN a $50 AMEX gift card!. In seasonal spirit share, share, share 5. In seasonal spirit share, share, share … Tag a friend who keeps it moving all year!

Not really sure what you should do? Watch how Sokanista rolls here, or watch some of last year?s most memorable submissions, here, here, and here!?

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