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Home Fitness Workout Tips – Useful Facts You Might Not Know.

Tired of doing the same old exercises in the gym every time you go? Here are some tips for crafting your at-home workouts.

The best way to keep up with your exercise routine is to make it fun. Make sure you get fresh air, get outside once in a while, and enjoy the benefits of moving around when life gets busy. Your body will thank you for it. 

You should consider changing it up. If you get bored with your regular at-home workouts, get back outside or get new equipment to switch things up or add on a dance fitness workout to your normal routine.

What To Keep Your Focus on?

Every body shape is different and so is the metabolic process. So we all need a different workout for ourselves no matter working out in gyms or at home.


The most popular fitness activity at home is aerobics. According to a survey, 200 people across the country do fitness exercises at home. But don’t forget about strength training and resistance training. Aerobics alone is not going to help. 

Strength training

Build muscle and burn fat. Strength training involves exercises to build up your muscles, including weightlifting, push-ups, pull-ups, and sit-ups. Bodyweight exercises can tone your body without adding bulk. Some examples include push-ups and regular dips off a chair or table. Combine strength training with a dance fitness workout for a total body workout: strength training first and then aerobics or cardio work afterward.

Resistance bands

They provide a workout for the entire body that doesn’t require the use of free weights. Stand on or with your arms fully extended and lift or move your arms as high as possible. Then, bend at the waist and lower your knees as far as you can. That works the back, arms, and shoulders. Move the bands up and down and use them to provide resistance. Be sure to use enough weights or challenge yourself by lifting more weight than you thought you could with a band.

Cardio Fitness

Your heart is the main muscle that pumps blood to your muscles, so cardio should be a part of any workout you do at home. This type of exercise burns calories and increases the body’s metabolism to keep the weight loss going. Cardio can be done on a treadmill, elliptical trainer, or exercise bike.

Yoga For Posture Perfection

Yoga is also a great way to stay fit indoors. Sit or stand on an exercise mat or floor with your legs extended straight in front of you and your arms stretched overhead. Bend your knees and reach your arms up, balancing on your toes. This exercise works the lower and upper body and the legs. Breathe in as you bend forward and breathe out as you push back up to standing.

Dance fitness workout 

This workout form is beneficial for weight loss. It helps burn calories, strengthen muscles, burn fat, improve flexibility and bone health. Dancing not only uses large muscle groups but also involves what scientists call “inter-muscular coordination.” This means coordination between muscles that are not directly in contact with each other, which is important for balance and agility.

Five energetic minutes of dancing, whether it’s salsa or hip-hop, or ballet, can provide almost as much aerobic benefit as jogging does.

Dancing also strengthens the heart and lungs because it requires a lot of energy and oxygen to move the body around and to move quickly. Dancing alone could be part of a suitable exercise regimen for someone recovering from heart disease or heart surgery.

One of the most popular dance fitness workouts is Zumba,  a workout that uses hip-hop, salsa, samba, and mambo music with basic athletic steps to create a party atmosphere.

Zumba classes are popping up in gyms around the world. The dance fitness online classes are a mix of cardio and dance routines set to Latin, salsa, and mamba music. The simple steps are based on a technique called “International Latin” that was used by teachers of dance fitness who wanted to avoid injury when teaching those who were already out of shape.

Facts and Benefits of Home Workout. 

Exercising has a whole host of benefits, but the most noticeable one for many people is weight loss. Some people also worry that at-home workouts won’t be as good as going to the gym, but studies have found that regular exercise can prevent dementia and lower your risk of heart disease. In an on-demand world, working out at home has a number of advantages.

The truth is, the best home workouts are actually very easy and don’t take a lot of time at all. The key to a good workout is to choose an activity that you enjoy and do it every day. Listen to your body! You might occasionally feel a bit sore or bored, but there will be times when you feel that you could go again.

Home Workout and the advantages.

You don’t need to leave the house. This is a great advantage for many people who live in cities and don’t have a car. They can just walk to the closest park and train in nature instead. If you enjoy exercise, but you get bored of going to the gym, try breaking up your routine with some home workouts instead of going out somewhere else.

You don’t need expensive equipment. Pilates equipment can be expensive, but many exercises can be done without it. You can very easily do many exercises at home with just a chair and some basic supplies.

You don’t need to diet. There’s no point in trying to lose weight if you don’t change your lifestyle. Just eat less and exercise more, not less exercise and more food!

If you work, go for a long walk during lunch break or skip that sandwich for dinner. You can also switch over your dinner routine. The important thing is to have a home workout that you enjoy doing.

For an average person, the duration of moderate aerobic exercise is about 45 minutes, but it may take longer or shorter depending on how fit your body is and your goals. If exercising every day, the best way to work up to exercise longer and harder is to build up gradually and then increase over time.

There are much greater benefits to this than just weight loss. 

  1. Regular exercising reduces your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and even depression. 

  1. The biggest life benefits of home workouts are often forgotten once you obtain your goals. 

  1. The simple act of exercise makes you feel better than any other form of treatment for these conditions except for medication.

We Soka Tribe offers such dance fitness online programs for people who are comfortable doing home workouts. For personalized workout plans you can directly contact us on 202.789.2984 and we are happy to help.

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