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Join the Soka Tribe Convoy

Be the carnival!

Soka Tribe is your Caribbean carnival connection, creating transformative experiences and inclusive spaces where people can let loose and tap into the freedom, expression, and joy of carnival culture. 

The Soka Tribe Convoy is our community based performance group and we WANT you to join us. We specialize in creating a carnival vibe and love bringing it to both big and little stages. There are so many benefits to joining our convoy, here are just a few of them:

Practice and Performance – Convoy means ample time to wukkup and learn choreography with the Soka Tribe community!We strive to meet you where you are, and ask that you attend our combined class and rehearsal once a week, afterall, practice makes perfect!

Financial Opportunities – As a member of the popular Soka Tribe Convoy, you may be invited to perform at paid engagements from time to time.

HAVE FUN -If all else fails, WINE YOUR BUMPA and you will have a great time. We schedule Convoy social events every season!

We are the authority on all things Carnival, so are you joining us on the road?

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