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There is something special about hearing an Afro-Caribbean beat that instantly changes your mood. I know I?m not alone when I find myself replaying the joys of Soka Tribe in my head days after class has ended. Nope, I?m not even ashamed to admit that I?ve caught myself singing and randomly busting a whine in the kitchen while cooking dinner. I might have even thrown in a ?Wheeeeyyyy? when the beat dropped!

Ahhh! The joys of a great playlist. It not only gets you in the zone mentally, but it also maximizes your workout. You think less about that feeling of exhaustion and focus more on performing a flawless 8 count to the beat of the music. It helps you push a little harder, and dig a little deeper. Before you know it, your body is capable of executing a set of movements that you once found challenging.

Need a little Soka Tribe vibes to hold you over until the next class? Scroll on over to Spotify and check out our playlist here!

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