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Soca Seasons

3  Seasons of Soca

Recently, I’ve been asked lots of questions about “when is the new soca dropping?” So heres the long and short of it. NEW SOCA is ALWAYS coming out! Thanks to the intrewebs the music release cycle is shorter and artists can release their latest music through the likes of Soundcloud and YouTube. However, the Carnival Calendar still has an influence on the release schedule of the mainstream artists.


Some say carnival season officially started the day after Christmas! At the end of the year into the next there’s an influx of “power” (fast paced) Soca riddims (instrumentals). So for our newbies to Soca: no it’s not the same song, just the same riddim and different artists have their take on it.


We will jam to the those chunes through the greatest Show on earth –Trinidad carnival,  followed by Jamaica, St. Thomas, Bermuda, Atlanta, LA—to name a few-then another set of songs that were released  are popularized through the summer carnival season ( Bermuda, St. Lucia, Barbados’ Cropover, and Grenada). Miami Carnival gives this music an additional boost The “big chunes” will be pumping on through the following year’s carnival.


That’s a whole lotta wukkup so as the end of the year holiday season rolls around, slower (groovy) Soca riddims are released and artist lay on their lyrical talents.

In the next few weeks, we are likely to see a nice uptick of releases from the biggest artists. Why? The carnival clock is ticking louder and DJ’s are putting together mixes to get people road ready for the upcoming year of carnival. Not to mention- the more we hear it the more we get into it… and next thing you know- Carnival Road March … we’ll save the talks of music mafia for another time :0 !

Here are some mixes that have already dropped with 2019 Soca Season Music:

Dei Musicale 2019 Soca Sampler

DJ Wumi x LiveLoveSoca 2018 AfroSoca

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