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Soka Chiefs on Wellness

What is wellness?

  1. Wellness is the subjective and objective measure of your quality of life! It encompasses your mental state, physical health, and other components of the human experience that shape your sense of balance and enjoyment of life.

  2. Your health is your greatest resource. Figure out what you specifically and perhaps uniquely need in order to maintain wellness. Commit to staying on top of those needs. Do not feel guilty or as if you are a burden for asking for and requiring these things, but also be mindful about the way pursuing your needs may affect the wellness of those around you. 

-Chief Jazelle

  1. Wellness is the intersection of happiness and healthiness of the mind, body, and spirit. Wellness to me means: I’m practicing balance and moderation throughout the different dimensions of my life and loving myself through the process.

  2. Understanding the things that make me feel good  and keep me grounded, like fitness, dance, prayer and meditation all make handling arising challenges much easier.

-Chief Jen

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