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Soka Tribe’s Performance Group

Meet Soka Tribe’s performance group!?Below are their names, island/heritage, ?Soka Tribe Home, and a?fun fact. If you see one of their familiar faces in class, be sure to say ?”wheeyyyy!” and ask them about their fun fact.

Upcoming performances:

Saahir K.Brewington

USA, but I am going to CropOver August 2017

Soka Tribe DC

Ask me about…. Jello-shots, I like making them and punches or my excitement about dancing more, it brings me joy.

Keisha Browne

Barbadian and Jamaican descent

Soka Tribe NYC

Ask me about…my samba lessons, I’m working on getttin better in these heels! I am a lover of all forms of dance.

Seaira Christian-Daniels

USA – Islander in spirit, not by blood 🙂

Soka Tribe NYC

Ask me about.. NYC’s only Spanish-language Toastmasters club, Cervantes Toastmasters!

Tamica Daniels


Soka Tribe DC

I have an almost-two-year-old daughter who loves to dance.

Ask me about.. civil rights law and my almost two-year old dancing machine daughter

Danielle Fontus

Trinidad & Haiti

Soka Tribe NYC

Ask me about… how close I am to experience every Carnival around the world.

Jody Francois


Soka Tribe NY

Ask me about.. The time i created my school’s first “step team” dance club, in Hawaii:)

Erica Franklin (some call me EV)

USA ~  celebrating the flavas of the African diaspora  

Soka Tribe DC

Ask me about: The Global Giver, a blog I started to inspire others to give back AND travel while on their life journey. For 2017, my goal is completing at least 100 volunteer hours and donating $2,017 to the various organizations.  Also, follow her on social media @theglobalgiver.

KInaya Grayson

African American

Soka Tribe DC

Ask me about..Teaching jazz dance to kids

Jazelle Hunt


Sokatribe DC!

Ask me about my secret jewelry-making or writing 🙂

Dani Karnoff


Soka Tribe D.C.

Ask me about…blogging about food, travel, and photography, all while selling pickles at farmer’s markets! Or dancing around the world when I used to call China, Fiji, Samoa, and London home.

Yvelle Lazare


Soka Tribe DC

Ask me about…Speech and language therapy, literacy or making an amazing cocktail.

Christina Ruiz


Soka Tribe DC

Ask me about…Find Your Dopeness the health & fitness company I founded to encourage others to crush their fitness goals and BE DOPE in their own way….orrrr a fete, I’m a Feting Groupie ;P

Kwabena Safo-Agyekum


Soka Tribe NYC

Ask Me About

Jamila Sykes Wakhisi

Tanzania & US

Soka Tribe DC

Ask me about…my volunteer work as a crisis counselor and my amazing knitting skills.

Katelynn Taylor


Soka Tribe Boston

Ask me about…all things 2nd grade, dance and soccer!

Saran White

African- American

Soka Tribe DC

Ask me about…my Afro-Brazilian percussion band or why I must dance at least twice a week!

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