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Tales from the Tribe: Denver Recap

Tales from the Tribe:

Alicia, a fellow teacher, invited me to come to the CCDS for the Soka Tribe?class in Denver. I attended a soca dance cla

Soka Tribe Denver
s?before with Erica so I was ready to “wuk”.?We picked out our flags upon arrival. ?Barbados was calling her and I picked St. Vincent. ?First off, Shermica?welcomed us with such enthusiasm and energy that we knew this was going to be fun!

Soca music, “the soul of Calypso” is addictive, soulful, and playful. Caribbean music just makes you happy! Individually we all grew and collectively we formed a small community representing freedom and love. Through the session I wanted to stop and Shazam the songs so I could listen to them again! ?Instead I enjoyed the flow of the present moment. We would definitely take another class from either of these beautiful ladies and bring a crew of friends back with us to share in this experience! It truly was a blessing to cross paths with such beautiful spirits.

-Sydney M.

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