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The One and Only Naeem Brewington-AKA “The Mighty InterNAAtional”

You’ve seen him at the fetes, on the road in Trinidad, Jamaica, and Barbados, and bringing the energy and vibes everywhere he goes- meet Naeem Brewington, also known as “The Mighty InterNAAtional!” Here’s the scoop on how he became a big part of all things Soka Tribe!

What brought you to Soka Tribe and the Soka Tribe convoy? My sister wanted me to go to a Soka Tribe class for her birthday, and I found it fun and a good workout. It’s the kind of cardio that you can adjust to your personal abilities.

What has your experience been like thus far as a member of the convoy? Inspiring and full of vibes. Convoy membership means you’ll have to work hard to learn dances and choreography, and you’ll have to be available for performances and activities, but it ALSO means that you have instant camaraderie at every fete and Caribbean event you hit. Or at least that’s been my experience.

Have you played mas before? When and where? My first ever experience with soca music was when I got invited to Cropover in 2014. I played mas before I knew what playing mas was. After that, I’ve played at Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and a few US based parades. Dressing up in a costume and gyrating for the masses is life affirming to me :-).

If you’ve played mas before, where would you play again?

Barbados, Trinidad, Jamaica. But I’m definitely hitting Grenada to get dutty and St Lucia since I heard from reliable sources that it was fire! Honestly, I’m down to play mas everywhere to feel the unique differences from road to road.

Can you tell us what you are most looking forward to as a member of Soka Tribe and the convoy?

I’d like more community engagement and more choreography to wil’ out to while in a fete. 🙂

Anything else the Soka Tribe should know about you?

I acknowledge that I don’t know the lyrics to any songs, but I promise I am pretending to work on fixing that.

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