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Emancipation Day!!

Many countries, that are former colonies, celebrate Emancipation Day on August 1. This public holiday celebrates the day, when slavery was abolished in 1833.

The Slavery Abolition Act came into force of August 1, 1833 on the territories of the British Empire (with exception of the territories of the East India Company). This day is celebrated in many countries around the world, and it’s not a part of the carnival period, that also falls on the end of July or beginning of August.

Emancipation Day is observed on August 1 in Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Saint Vincent and Grenadines, Saint Lucia. Emancipation Day in Barbados is a part of the annual Season of Emancipation, that runs from April 14 to August 23 and includes several holidays and memorial days, that are connected with abolition of slavery on the island.

Some countries moved Emancipation Day on the first Monday of August, thus making it the day of the beginning of the carnival. Although geographically Guyana is not a former British West Indies, Emancipation Day is also celebrated there on the first Monday in August.

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