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Soka Tribe Voted Best Dance Class In Washington D.C.

-Washington City Paper


Let the music and moves transport your mind to carnival. In our Soca dance workout online  class- an energetic combo of sweet soca music, afro-Caribbean moves, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) discover the joy of the carnival culture- join our Soka Tribe in person or online.

Soka Tribe Classes= Fete = Dance Party


You will jump and whine as if you were at carnival or in a Caribbean fete, burning off calories without ever stepping into the gym.

Tribe members say class:

  • Is a fun way to exercise

  • Supports weight loss and muscle toning

  • Increases stamina

  • Improves balance

  • Builds self confidence and community

Dip a toe into the carnival pool with a Single class or

dive in the Caribbean carnival sea with a Class package

YES! you can join VIRTUALLY online from anywhere!


Special Classes

  • Wine & Wine -waistline workshop with wine

  • Cardio & Choreo - learn a new dance combo 

  • Jouvert Jamishness - ready to get painted?!

  • Kiddie & Me and Kiddies Carnival - bring the littles to class

  • Soka Senior -high vibes and low impact movements 

Guest Instructors

Sometimes we jump with friends! Guest instructors brings different flavors to Soka Tribe, from dancehall, to afrobeats, and more.

Private Parties

We are the life of the party and can make your special day a fun, healthy and unforgettable one (virtual options available).  Contact us for bookings!


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