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Jerry Lived #PCubed

Soka Tribe- Wheyyyyyyyyyyy!!!


(It's Sokanista here, I don't write often but 'llow meh a bligh*)

 *Bligh- space and grace, a favor, a pass


What a year?! 2023 did not skimp on the highs or the lows, but nonetheless, we are two and a half days from starting anew. I want to encourage you all to think big for 2024. Set your sights, expectations, and EFFORTS on high! That's what we are doing over here.


We've actually been moving with a new mantra #pcubed. If you've been following on the socials, you may have seen the hashtag in our stories. Let me break it down: we are moving with surgeon-level precision as we continue to apply the pressure and recommit each day to pursue our passionate work, periodt. (I do notice there are 5p's in that sentence but again-it's de bligh I ask for earlier).


I also want to encourage you all to move with a spirit of gratitude, because things change in the blink of an eye. For our Soka Tribe veterans, you may recognize Jerry "One" from our first Return to the Reason Festival in 2018. An amazing artist and exemplar of #pcubed Jerry always showed up to support when we touched down in Accra. Our visit two weeks ago was a quick post-show connection to share costumes and vibes. I didn't know that'd be our last time. My heart, though hurt, is grateful for the opportunity to have met, created, and connected with him. On behalf of the entire Soka Tribe, I'd like to extend our condolences and send prayers to his family, friends, and dance company members.

In 2018, as I waited on the side of the road for folks to show up, Jerry was one of the first there and jumped in with two feet to get the project going and create some order in our lil chaos. When things weren't going smoothly, he wasn't afraid to lean into the creative process, trust his collaborators, then put in the work.

As we step into 2024, I wish you all the fortitude live #pcubed, you deserve it! And don't be confused that's not only about work... Intentionality on ENJOYMENT- issa thing.. I'd like the double scoop of the soft life, please and thanks.

Ok, I've rambled enough, thanks for the bligh, we goh see allyuh in class next Saturday at 12.30pm.



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