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“Wukk” means “work” -- at a job and on the dancefloor -- and Soka Tribe does wukk hard! Our high-quality  soca events and programs are sure to be a memorable addition to any agenda.

Soca Performances & Entertainers

Book us for:

Private Events

Private Group Classes

School & Community Cultural Festivals

Corporate & Organizational Convenings

Hands-On Cultural Exploration

Wellness Events

Academic Conferences

& More

We bring carnival to your event! 

Community Programs


Soka Tribe Convoy community performing group. When class isn't enough, learn about the carnival culture become a performer and cultural ambassador


Our modular extracurricular Carnival cultural program (11 – 14 yrs old) and blends leadership development, physical activity, intercultural exchange and the humanities to allow tomorrow’s leaders to acquire 21st-century skills in an entertaining way.

Benefits of Our Program

  • Unique program sure to hold student attention

  • Multidisciplinary content

  • Professional program delivery

  • Highly-qualified content experts

  • Holistic learning experience

Soka Tirbe dancers and children

Cultural Experiences & Presentations

Soka Tribe combines the fun and the facts of the rich carnival traditions. Our Soca performance experts offer edutainment presentations to touch and inspire attendees.

Conferences | K-12 | Higher Education | Health Institutions | Corporate | NGOs & Gov't

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