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About the virtual class subscription

What do I get when I sign up?: In addition to on-demand access to exclusive Soka Tribe Kiddie & Me class videos (suitable for kiddies ages 2+ to enjoy solo, or with a grown-up):

  • Early-bird access to Soka Tribe Kiddies events and classes

  • Exclusive discounts on custom Soka Tribe Kiddie merchandise

  • New songs and movement added every month!

How much?: Only $7.99, billed every 30 days starting from the date of purchase, using the payment information provided in your  profile. Billing is automatic for three months; after that, you have the option to renew.

Can I gift a subscription?: Of course! We recommend creating a profile for them with their information, and using your payment information to subscribe to Kiddie & Me.

Are these videos on YouTube? I want to put them on their iPad: 
Our exclusive Kiddie & Me virtual classes are only available here on Help them sign in and leh we go!

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What to expect & how to prepare



I'm not really a dancer. Are the moves hard?:
Soka Tribe dance fitness offers repetitive, rhythmic movements that are easy to follow and appropriate for kids. There are no mistakes, only solos -- so let your body move how it wants to!

How long is this class?: Kiddie & Me classes are 30 minutes long, including a warm up and cool down.

What should we wear?: Wear comfortable clothing you can move and sweat in, and athletic shoes -- or wukkup with your bare feet! You may also want to have flag, kerchief, or dish towel to wave.

Is the music loud? Appropriate for my kids?
The music is loud enough to enjoy but quiet enough for young ears. Our family classes feature a wide range of both classic and contemporary soca songs that are family-friendly and fun. 

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Copy of DSC_0164.JPG
Copy of DSC_0164.JPG

About Kiddie & Me LIVE classes

Can we do Kiddie & Me or Kiddies' Carnival live and in person? Absolutely! Our family classes (Kiddie & Me and Kiddies' Carnival) occur quarterly in Washington, DC -- you can also join us live on Zoom by selecting the virtual ticket options. Stay tuned to our schedule and social media for the next event.


Can I drop off my kiddies, or just watch them participate?

Yes. Unaccompanied kiddies are welcome to attend Kiddies' Carnival class, which is a kids-only session that occurs directly after Kiddie & Me class. Grown-ups are welcome to stay and hype up the Kiddies' Carnival class from the sidelines.


Can we do both classes? Yes! Select "Kiddie Combo" for the whole hour of bacchanal. In-person spots are limited, so RSVP early.

Are dads allowed? YES -- CARNIVAL IS FOR EVERYONE! Dads, big sibs, guardians, tantys, uncles, titis, welas, resource parents, cousins, godparents, neighbors ... as long as the kiddies say so :) 

Can I join in with my baby or non-ambulatory child? Yes! Before reserving your spot, please contact us at admin[at] to tell us more so we can safely & properly welcome you. 

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