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#CarnivalIsNotCancelled: A Recap of Trinidad Carnival 2021

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As Destra once sang, “Carnival in T&T is so special to all ah we!”

And so, with on-the-ground influence from Sokanista (currently based in Trinidad), Soka Tribe honored that sentiment and coped with the tabanca by creating and entering spaces that allow us to connect with the spirit of carnival, and with people who share in its splendor.

Spaces we entered included a University of the West Indies carnival symposium, high-energy virtual concerts and fetes, mas band HQs, carnival upcycling boutiques, and of course, dance practices such as the illustrious Talawa Technique!

We also created opportunities to dive deep into the culture, starting with Soka Tribe Presents: At The Source. This interview series gives our community and all interested people unprecedented access to the artistes, scholars, influencers, and everyday entrepreneurs who create carnival each year. All home was road on Carnival Saturday with our Wuk & Wine class, when Soka Tribe followers from all over the globe got into costume to jam on de live with us. And although the actual road was officially “not on,” Sokanista grabbed her feathers hit it anyway — finding vibes on Cipriani Blvd. and other Port of Spain locales.

Soca routinely reminds us that carnival is we — it is our collective spirit of resistance, freedom, creative expression, and togetherness that powers these festivals. This year, we put that to the test. And we passed!

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