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What made you start KDC? Why now?

I suppose starting Kwabs Dance Company has always been something that I had hoped to do. I created my first group in high school (OutKast) at Phillips Exeter 20 years ago and it’s still in existence. I want to leave my own legacy with KDC.

Why do people want to work with KDC/what makes KDC unique?

People enjoy working with KDC because of our range of offerings. With a background in West African, Ballet, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Modern, Soca and Stepping, KDC is your go-to dance resource. There is no other dance organization that can provide this range of dance genres at a professional level, with the level of customization that clients are looking for and need, given the busy lifestyles that so many lead.

We know as a Soka Tribe Chief , your vibe is Ghana Jollof…What’s your KDC vibe?

Again, Ghanaian jollof, the greatest of all jollofs, is certainly part of the KDC vibe, along with lit laces and gloves. We like to call it a Lituation.

What can we expect at the KDC Launch event on 2/25?

The KDC launch with feature a world premiere piece and some of our latest routines. It will also exhibit a collection of other talented artists from both near afar.

In a word: a Lituation. Check us out in the studio

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