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Soka Tribe Presents: At The Source with Dr. Jo-anne Tull (Ep. 3)

It’s a special Women’s History Month episode of Soka Tribe Presents: At The SourceShermica “Sokanista” Farquhar and Ken Sambury welcome Dr. Jo-anne Tull to the series! Dr. Tull is a Trinidad-based Bajan carnivalist, consultant, and researcher of Caribbean creative economies. Her work focuses on festival statistics, cultural industries development and impacts, and creative entrepreneurship and strategy. She is widely published and has written several influential studies, including “Global survey on festivals: a scoping study” (2011) and “Measures of festivals: key concepts and current practices” (2013), which are among the UNESCO Institute of Statistics’ most downloaded handbooks.

Dr. Tull also serves as the academic coordinator of the Carnival Studies Programme, and the post-graduate diploma in ACEM (Arts, Cultural and Enterprise Management) at the University of the West Indies – St. Augustine.

All that to say — this guest knows carnival front to back, inside and out!

Listen in as we discuss traditional vs. contemporary mas, the digital future of carnival, new ways to sustain and capitalize on our cultural heritage, and much more.

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Soka Tribe Presents: At The Source is an exclusive interview series from Shermica “Sokanista” Farquhar and Ken Sambury that grants unprecedented access to the soca artistes, mas-makers, scholars, influencers, and local entrepreneurs who keep Caribbean Carnival culture alive and push it forward. Learn more about the series here.

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