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Soka Tribe Presents: At The Source with Keron “Sheriff” Thompson (Ep. 2)

Episode 2 of Soka Tribe Presents: At The Source features award-winning musician/producer Keron “Sheriff” Thompson, live from his studio in Trinidad! Sheriff is a staple of today’s soca industry for those in-the-know, working with artistes such as Machel Montano, Patrice Roberts, Benjai and many more.

His credits include “Differentology (Ready for the Road)” by Bunji Garlin, “Feel the Love” by Freetown Collective and DJ Private Ryan, “Put It On Me” by Kimba Sorzano, and more. In this episode, Sheriff shares insights on the studio process, trends in soca (ranging from dancehall to zessin‘), the local music scenes, and of course, the future of carnival.

“The music is still  — whether we like it or not — secondary to the festival. So the music will always be made to aid the festival,” Thompson shares. “I think there’s just one, maybe two [soca artistes] who… are still in the sauce [of carnival] AND  still creating more music outside of carnival.”

Find out who they are, plus other gems, in this illuminating episode.

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Soka Tribe Presents: At The Source is an exclusive interview series from Shermica “Sokanista” Farquhar and Ken Sambury that grants unprecedented access to the soca artistes, mas-makers, scholars, influencers, and local entrepreneurs who keep Caribbean Carnival culture alive and push it forward. Learn more about the series here.

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