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Soka Tribe Presents: At The Source with Ronnie McIntosh, Part I (Ep. 4)

We’re closing out Season 1 of At The Source with a double-header featuring the legendary Ronnie McIntosh! Mr. McIntosh holds the distinction of earning international success on both sides of carnival — as a top-billed soca artist in the 90s, and as an award-winning mas man in the 2000s. Longtime soca lovers will recognize his hits such as “Whoa Donkey,“and “How It Go Look,” as well as “Ent” and “On The Road” (both of which won him Power Soca Monarch titles), among many others.

Carnivalists will also know him as one half of the mas-making duo, Ronnie & Caro, which took home Large Band of the Year titles at Trinidad carnival three years in a row. For the first half of his feature, Mr. McIntosh tells us all about the mas. Tune in as we chat about Trinidad Carnival 2021 (did it happen? We say yes!), fete politics, the business of carnival, and more!

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Soka Tribe Presents: At The Source is an exclusive interview series from Shermica “Sokanista” Farquhar and Ken Sambury that grants unprecedented access to the soca artistes, mas-makers, scholars, influencers, and local entrepreneurs who keep Caribbean Carnival culture alive and push it forward. Learn more about the series here.

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