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Soka Tribe Shines at the University of West Indies Carnival Symposium

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University of the West Indies hosted a 3-Day Conference called Panchayat: The Mas(s) in We (Re)claiming the Peoples Festival. It was an engaging forum that came on the heels of the year Trinidad Carnival had no “road” but the spirit was alive and thriving in the digital realm. The conversations were rich in textures about the traditions vs. contemporary, musical intent vs. outcome, and commercial vs ritual.

Shauna Rigaud, a Cultural Studies PHD Candidate and Shermica Farquhar, Soka Tribe Founder presented on their paper “Building a Soka Tribe, an Ethnographic Study on Race, Community and Identity.”  You may remember another passionate and pertinent conversation from Shauna and Shermica at last year’s Carnival is Woman talk back. These ladies are constantly sharing a great balance of theoretical practice meats contemporary life and lived practice. You can check out the full presentation below!

As a part of the Soka Tribe Women’s History Month celebration we will be bringing back the Carnival is Woman Chat on like you’ve never seen before! On March 30, save the date and stay tuned

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