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Tales from the Tribe: Soka Tribe New Orleans

Soka Tribe ?visited NOLA earlier this month and let me tell you – Sokanista worked us out and brought out the local lovers of Caribbean music. ?She took out that cowbell and I almost lost my mind because that brought the road experience to life and connected me to the traditions of New Orleans Second Line and Louisiana Carnival traditions. I created and proudly lead Bounce Fitness w/Moe, which celebrates the Creole Diaspora of Louisiana and American Black music and dance contributions.

Bounce Fitness w/Moe’s?goal is to empower individuals to remain healthy through cultural pride and awareness through dance engagement. I truly embodied the practice of call and response dancing. ?Soka Tribe class was a well rounded class of movement, cardiovascular training, strength training and culture recognition. ?Not only did I take the class with my Bounce Boppaz (my students), but Sokanista and I tagged teamed, which created an open floor of culture collaboration. ?Soka Tribe is a class that I would like to see back in New Orleans as an engagement experience and opportunity to connect the Louisiana Caribbean population to cultural wellness opportunities. ?Hopefully, we can see some Soka Tribe members for NOLA’s Caribbean Carnival, Bayou Bacchanal, held November 4th 2017.

For more information on Bounce Fitness w/Moe Joe class listings and service offerings in NOLA please visit my website


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