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Washington CIty Paper names Soka Tribe 2020 BEST Dance Class In DC!

Every year the Washington City Paper asks the city: Who’s the best? And DC has spoken-


At Soka Tribe movement and dance is at the core, we created the best community in DC because of it! In February 2020 amidst the carnival excitement and sharing, wukking, wineing we really rallied as a TRIBE- to share how much Soka Tribe had impacted its community. This honor is truly shared with everyone in the Tribe. We want to thank the entire Soka Tribe community for your ongoing support. It has been a helluva year and we just want to share this moment of gratitude with you all.  SOKA TRIBE has been named THE BEST DANCE CLASS in DC! We have grown and thrived because of our love for what we do- spreading the carnival culture  AND our love for the community we have built. Although things are a bit different now you can still joint the best dance class in DC online-we’d love to see you in class soon!

Best of D.C. with D.C. icons surrounding it

The City Paper staff stopped working in our downtown office and shifted to remote operations in mid-March. In the intervening months, we’ve discussed what to do about Best of D.C., a mammoth operation that requires the participation of everyone on staff and many freelancers as well. At one point we discussed only releasing the results of the Readers’ Picks, which had been voted on and tabulated between early February and early March. During one particularly dark and exhausted moment, we thought about scrapping the issue entirely and trying again in a post-pandemic world. But as we continued to report on the news of D.C., we also saw the resilient people of D.C. begin to reinvent their work and their worlds in ways that made us feel hopeful or excited, at least for a moment.

Check out the full list of winners by category here.

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