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How to Have a Fantastic Caribbean Festival With Minimal Spending.

What’s so cool about Caribbean Culture Festival?

A Caribbean Culture festival is an exciting way to spice up your summer, but you may need some help if you want to have it without breaking the bank. So let’s talk about how to have just the right amount of spending that will make things fun and enjoyable without ruining your budget.

Deciding on the Theme For the Caribbean Culture Festival

The first thing you want to be thinking about when it comes time for your party is what kind of theme/mood you want it to have. If you want to have a tropical island theme, then you don’t need too many extra things, although there are some things that are completely necessary. You want to make sure to include drinks, drinks, lots of drinks! Another thing you will probably want to include is food items. And if you do plan on having food items for your party, make sure you pack them very well so they don’t get crushed.

Tables and chairs are also necessary for your Caribbean festival in Washington. You want to make sure you have enough and enough variety. And another excellent addition would be Caribbean music. A carnival culture festival with Caribbean music is sure to be an awesome party.

It can be as simple as making your own t-shirts, or as elaborate as throwing a huge party at the local park with all your friends participating. The choice is up to you. Just remember that if you want to have outside food, then be sure to clean it very well before you put it inside. The last thing you want at your party is for people to be sick because of dirty food!

Like any party or get-together, you want to make sure there are enough bathrooms. Don’t forget to pick the garbage cans as well.

Caribbean Culture Festival.

One of the most well-known aspects of the carnival culture festival is its wide range of music, which is largely influenced by African American, Indian, and Portuguese roots. Island music is generally tropical in style and instrumentation. A well-known example of island music is reggae.

The Rastafari movement also has a large following in the West Indies, mainly Jamaica. This movement greatly impacted Jamaican culture, particularly through reggae music.

Saltfish is a staple of the Caribbean, especially in areas bordering the Atlantic Ocean. This often takes the form of saltfish fritters. The “Jerk” style of cooking also originated in the Caribbean, specifically Jamaica. Jerk seasoning is generally applied to pork, chicken, goat, or mutton.

Sun, sea, and sand are typical weather conditions in the Caribbean islands. Most nations have two seasons: the dry season for winter (December through June) and the rainy season for summer (July through November).

The Caribbean is one of the most diverse and enigmatic regions in the world. It is also the most popular tourist destination in North America and is second to Latin America in total annual arrivals.

The region has over 700,000 hotel rooms available for tourists.

The Caribbean landscape varies greatly between islands, from high tropical mountains to low coral-based beaches. The Atlantic Ocean’s trade winds make the region’s climate warm, while the Caribbean Sea’s tropical ocean currents make water temperatures during summer quite warm, sometimes hot.

Food in the Carnival

Mangoes and saltfish (back left) which is salted codfish.

Rice and peas (top right) are also known as callaloo.

Bammy – a large cassava flatbread.

Souse – which is a pickled pig’s foot, not too sure about this one!

Plantain chips (right) are fried green plantains.

Caribbean Food

Arroz con Pollo: Chicken and rice with a side of green beans

Rice and peas (callaloo) – a Caribbean dish.

Beignets – fried doughnuts; usually served with powdered sugar socked on top.

Saltfish (bacalao) – salted codfish that is very popular in the Caribbean.

Bammy (left) – a large cassava flatbread.

Bones (right) – boiled beef bones; usually served with cornmeal dumplings.

The thing to do in a Carnival Culture Festival

The festival features a variety of activities to do from climbing the highest mountain to jumping from the highest waterfalls.

Some of the activities include:

  1. Jumping off a swing and a trampoline -both at high heights. 

  2. Parachuting from a plane -get on an airplane and jump from it.

  3. Walking on a tightrope between two tall buildings.

  4. Hiking to get to the top of a mountain

  5. Skiing down a mountain.

  6. Skydiving from a plane. 

  7. Bungee jumping -jump off a bridge 

  8. Wresting with gloves 

Shows and Events

A BBQ is a barbecue party.

One is the traditional type of food served at a BBQ. Another item is most often an assortment. The menu can include turkey, stuffing, potato salad, coleslaw, bean salad, vegetables, hams, bacon, or steaks.

The second host is not commonly known as the B-BBQ. this type of food consists mostly of hamburgers and hotdogs smoked with woodchips. It is usually served at tailgates and home parties.

Upsy-Daisy Dance

The Upsy-Daisy dance is a dance associated with the carnival. Performers of the dancewear masks and cover their faces with a flower after they have become disoriented by the masks.

The Upsy-Daisy Dance is very popular. Many people will perform this dance even though it is illegal for them to do so because they are not allowed to wear masks while dancing. This dance is similar to the Gumboot Dance but technically different. It involves standing on one foot while holding up another foot, in response to music played with gumboot drums. Two participants stand on a piece of wood that is about three feet long and two inches wide.

They both wear a mask and gloves.

Traditional Carnival Music and Art

Carnival culture festival is celebrated in many countries around the world. It occurs when the people of one region, tribe, or nation all come together in celebration. The beginning of all celebrations is the Great Mas, the masquerade itself. As time has gone by this has evolved into many forms. Today it has turned into a competition where dancers try to outdo each other in their efforts to dance and entertain. 

Masqueraders and Mime artists often make intricate and beautiful costumes. These costumes can take months to make. Masks come in all shapes and sizes and are made from a variety of materials. They can be made out of cloth, feathers, plush, or other wearable materials. Sometimes they may be made from rubber or plastic. Masks can represent a superhero, a political figure, or a notable figure.

The sounds that come from the drums and horns during the Mas are known as the “Mas Hoolah Pah pah.” Commonly played in the carnival is Yambayamba, Calypso music, Mento, Steel Pan music, Soca music, Chutney soca, Dancehall music.

A Caribbean culture festival is a perfect getaway for fun, relaxation, adventures, and meeting new people. Come join Soka Tribe and experience a whole different lifestyle with us. For any kind of assistance, you can contact us at  202.789.2984

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