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The Goods on Grenada

Our favorite Dominican, ROC, give us the goods on Greenz and all things Jab Jab!

What country do you represent?


Where are you based?

Washington, DC

What you know about this Soka Tribe life? 😉 (i.e. what is your affiliation, how long, how did it start)

Soka Tribe encompasses a few of my close friends. In addition we fete together these are my famalay

What brought you to this particular carnival?

Carnival is in my blood so every opportunity I have to experience a different country carnival I jump on it.

Have you played mas before? When and where?

Yes I have. Dominica, Trinidad, Jamaica, st kitts, barbados, Miami, Boston, Washington DC, Toronto, Brooklyn and Grenada

What carnivals would you rinse and repeat?

Rinse: St. Kitts and Jamaica Repeat: Dominica, Grenada and Trinidad

What do you wish you knew about this carnival before going?

Each island is a different experience so with that said I like to go into these experiences with an open mindset

What would you say makes this carnival different from others?

If you are referring to Grenada this carnival still is rooted in the true old mass of carnival evident in jab jouvert. Grenada and Dominica carnivals are similar in nature because it’s festivities celebrated the real old mass with some modern day elements

Soca Artist that you would want to fete with?

All of them

Anything else the Soka Tribe should know about you?

I am a carnival lover. I love the real art form

My social media handle is:


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